The Mr & Miss Gender Competition

If you are aged 16-28, we would like to hear your ideas on this important topic: Miss and Mr Gender Competition. Successful finalists will get a chance to promote gender equality using their mediums of advocacy they prefer. ( Mediums of advocacy my vary from using music, spoken word, blog, radio talks, photography or cartoon animation)

To enter the competition you will need to make a video (maximum one minute in length)  or a 300 word maximum concept idea explaining in English what you would do if you were Mr or Miss Gender Kenya promoting gender equality. We’re also going to shine a spotlight on women and men who are breaking down barriers, powering through adversity, and succeeding in historically male-dominated fields and vise versa. In your recorded video, kindly prove how you can pursue your dream career no matter what it may be — and that there’s nothing more inspiring than a woman or a man on a mission. Maximum one video entry per individual.

When you’ve made your video (only good quality videos will be considered), or your concept idea, please send  them to:
Deadline for submission is 1st Dec  2018.

We will then sample the ideas and videos. The best five ideas  will then be subjected to public scrutiny and voting in an event that you will be able to check and follow on  .The winners will then be announced mid February 2019 during an award ceremony in Nairobi.