This project is implemented (with the financial support from Culture at Work Africa) by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda, which is a registered, not-for-profit NGO dedicated to promoting the recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to Uganda’s national identity and diversity, in partnership with the Community Peace Museums Heritage Foundation of Kenya (CPMHF)

The project specifically aims at:

(i) promoting Cultural Heritage and Peace clubs as spaces for learning, inter-cultural dialogue and exchange of knowledge to foster coexistence and social cohesion among young people

(ii) empowering the youth to recognize their role and use their creativity to contribute to peaceful coexistence

(iii) developing communication outputs designed by the youth to reach out to other youth across the region with messages of peace and social cohesion, and

(iv) capitalising on experiences of the youth in Uganda and Kenya in appreciating cultural diversity, and identify ways in which their efforts can be sustained in their respective communities


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